Project at ZK/U - Ulrika Lublin

Ulrika Lublin ( Sweden )

During my residency at ZK/U, I will seek out to do one or several site-specific installations and small interventions in and outside the studio, as a means to investigate the space. In my objects and installations I often incorporate found materials or materials with other intended use, therefor ZK/U’s location near the industrial parts of Moabit will serve as a natural starting point. The industrial traces are everywhere on Siemensstrasse, I would like to work with their possible poetic quality and the contrasting reality.

An interest in my artistic practice is what you could call the consequence of interpretation, (un)deliberate misunderstandings, be it the constant re-writing of history, re-appropriating materials or buildings, changing the connotation of language, using metaphors to explain science etc. Every time something is translated, fictionalized or re-arranged, it creates another layer of what was already there. I’m very much intrigued by these layers and the thing that is there, both of which are true, and what effect they have on each other. In my investigations and process at ZK/U, I will continue to work with this thematic.

In addition to my own work I also collaborate with other artists as a part of my practice, doing installation and more research based work, which I hopefully will set out to do during my time at the residency as well.