Without Words (performance series #1-#3) - Hyunju Oh

<Without Words> performance series, 2020, photo by Hyunju Oh

Hyunju Oh ( South Korea )

The video work for the performance series <Without Words> #1-#3 consists of three performances that deal with emotions and actions from silence.

The performances are accompanied by objects from 'door', 'kettle and mirror' and 'tree and mirror'. The acts such as sighing, whistling, water boiling, water flowing back to the floor, soothing and stroking the body, can evoke a variety of associations with different metaphorical objects. Furthermore, the variations resulting from a single action are intended to continuously generate implied meanings and layers of narrative through the silhouette, movement and speed/time of the performer.

<< Pain, unspecified >> Performance, sound installation, 2019, Photo by Hyunju Oh
<< Breath >> Multimedia installation, 2019, Photo by Hyunju Oh