Utility after abandonment: The case of ZK/U - Pablo Alboreda

Pablo Alboreda ( Spain )

This project investigates how ZK/U is progressively becoming a creative catalyst in Berlin, and such a case study is part of a broader 3-year research programme that involves fieldwork in three other cities (Madrid, Berlin, Palermo). Here, the goal is to explore the processes by which derelict sites are repurposed as new cultural landmarks though minimal, DIY architectural interventions, retaining ruined materiality as an aesthetic value. In order to bridge the gap between scholarship and the arts, the envisaged outcome will be an academic article produced in the form of a photo-comic book, and thus, the artist' methodology will rely on fieldnotes, photos and interviews to grasp the motivations and commitments enabling the ZK/U’s ongoing life. Framed by architecture, urban studies, human geography and critical heritage, Pablo Alboreda is confident that the project will be successful since it is dependent on a feature that is already there: ZK/U’s collaborative and open-minded spirit.