Elena Mazzi - Project at ZK/U - Elena Mazzi, ZK/U Fact Finding Committee #03

Elena Mazzi ( Italy ), ZK/U Fact Finding Committee #03 ( Germany )

Elena Mazzi poetic deals with the relationship between man and the environment he lives in everyday life. Mostly following an anthropological approach, this analysis investigates and documents an identity both personal and collective, relating to a specific territory, and giving rise to different forms of exchange and transformation.

During each Residency Program, she always try, for her personal interest, to get in touch with the artistic community of the city I am experiencing. This helps her to understand how artists deal with the urban space around them, how they socially interact with questions related to economical, social, political issues. At the same time, she is interested to know if they have the same curiosity towards the other, how they work together to strengthen their cultural community, how they exchange information and learn from each other. How can knowledge support togetherness? What does it mean to be supportive in the cultural industry?

During these two months, Elena Mazzi will research ways to deal with these topics by meeting artists, organizations, associations, institutional projects willing to open up to discuss and exchange.

This project is part of the 'Magic Carpets' Platform co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.  

This residency is a collaboration with our partner Latitudo Rome.