Gelati - Zura Tsofurashvili

Zura Tsofurashvili ( Georgia )

In the year 1106, during the reign of King David IV of Georgia, a new structure was built based on maximal reflection and transfer of the respective spiritual and material circumstances. In unison to the geopolitical conditions at the time, the space transformed into a unique, unprecedented hub for cooperation; for exchange of knowledge and opportunities. Intellectual dynamics from the Byzantine Empire fused with local experience and knowledge; the orthodox discourse within its structures gained an additional profile – a school. Thus, „Gelati“ was born, located 10 km from the then-capital Kutaissi.

Resulting from the teaching material generated by the educational processes of the Gelati school, the analysis, translation, renewal, return of certain educational structures strikes as crucial. Based on this example, on mutual experiences and cooperation, the development of a novel format in Berlin similar to Gelati is planned; a novel educational product/project, the conceptualization of novel lessions.

This project is part of the 'Magic Carpets' Platform co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. 

This residency is a collaboration with our partner CCA Tbilisi.