Project at ZK/U - Jaro Varga

Jaro Varga ( Slovakia )

My main interest during the residency at ZK/U is focused on research of location around Westbahnhof and the district of Moabit.

I would like to use the quotation “WHAT DOESN’T WORK, WHAT HAS OUTLIVED ITS USE” from Rem Koolhaas as a starting point for my art research of the site. To abandon what doesn’t work, what has outlived its use- is the main characteristic of the Generic City- the city is affected by the never-ending adjustments, the eternal repairs and the constantly piecemeal adaptation to new constraints. Generic City stands in contradiction to Historic City. In Historic City temporariness transforms into permanence, fleetingness into timelessness, ephemerality into monumentality (B. Groys). The city we live in is the endless negotiation between "Historic City" and "Generic City".

Key words of my research:

Shrinking City / Expanding Memory/ Memory Exploration/ Collective Memory Exploration/ Individual Memory Exploration / City of Repetition / Repetition of the City / Berlin / Warsaw/ Return to Future.