Berlin + Berlin Co-Mappings - Ilya Noé

Ilya Noé ( Mexico )

This project is a collaborative work with Andy Houston

Our project is a multi-stage, multi-disciplinary, multi-voiced and site-and-situation-responsive series of experiments in the iterative co-laboring of fluid maps of two cities: Berlin and Kitchener (a.k.a. the Canadian city formerly known as 'New Berlin').

Step 1 happened simultaneously in the two cities during the first months of 2013. During this time we documented our long distance conversations and incursions on foot around each of our two home cities (Andy-Kitchener, Ilya-Berlin), and then offered the materials for the other to decide what threads to follow and into which areas to delve.

Step 2 will take place in Berlin during our shared residency at ZK/U during April and May. The plan is to retrace Ilya’s steps, layer new lines, deepen the maps, travel more paths, analyze the material, present it, and welcome new collaborators.

Step 3 will happen when Ilya travels to Kitchener to follow up the work done in Berlin.

These maps are not meant to function as mere representations of space or experiences, but as sites of production that can take multiple forms. They are not meant to provide any single conclusion or specific itinerary, but rather build points of reference and encounter; maps that are produced at ground level and on the go, and out of conversations with each other and the environments with which we engage.