Project at ZK/U - Anaisa Franco

Anaisa Franco ( Brazil )

In one day we sleep 8 hours. If we do the calculations, in one year we spent four months sleeping. If we are 30 years old, it means that we spent 10 years of our lives sleeping.

What happens in this 1/3 part of our lives? We are building parallel realities where man can be his own engineer when we produce intense dream trips. There are many theories that attempt to explain the dream, from the psychoanalysis of Freud, thought Jung and Deleuze; scientific expla- nations in the field of neurobiology of dreams to quantum physics and many others.

I come up with the idea that when we are sleeping we are doing onirical trips, creating parallel realities, thinking togheter with Deleuze, the un- conscious is a big machine in composition with other machines that will be touting and producing infinite realities, not only subjective but objec- tive.

In this project I am looking for presenting the exteriority-interiority of those collective desire machines, in the sense that when we dream or think, we are not doing this from a self but from all a collectivity that crosses us. Because of this I pretend to work in an onirical cartography, where people via different locations will be a collective agency in connection, and can insert your own dream world interactive map that will ma- terialize in audiovisual.

After considering all these issues, I concluded that it would be very interesting to do a research on what people dream while sleeping and create an art project that materialized and submit stories on ephemeral platforms.

People will be invited to participate in the project by donating a story of dreams to me or to the interactive map. I will transform these stories into audiovisual materials that will be presented in ephemeral platforms through nightly performances and sculptures in the exhibition space.