Project at ZK/U - Stine Marie Jacobsen

Stine Marie Jacobsen ( Denmark )

DIRECT APPROACH (2012-2013) is a project in which I arbitrarily approach German citizens in a variety of public spaces and institutions, asking them to describe their own traumatic memory of a violent film scene.

Each citizen is then asked whether they would like to play the role of the victim, perpetrator or bystander in a re-enactment of the scene. They were asked to act alone in the scene their chosen character description. The camera people are instructed to reenact the original camera movement and the scene is tailored to fit the memory of the scene with the original scene.

I instigated the project to enable a platform for individual conversations with German citizens about violence, taboos and ethics. The project was begun in January 2012 and is in progress until a publication comes to life beginning 2013.