Project at ZK/U - Shauna Janssen

Shauna Janssen ( Canada )

In my own curatorial practice, I ask how critical curation can be a mode of intervention in the urban realm, and how neighbourhoods in transition might be active collaborators, with artists, in the surfacing of significant pasts, sublimated political positions, and forms of cultural agency, including the agencies of the built environment itself. I am in search of an ethos for creating site-responsive art projects in postindustrial urban spaces. At ZK/U I will develop a research-creation project that examines and documents the role that artists and cultural actors have played in the transformation of Berlin’s postindustrial spaces. I hope to engage artists and fellows who are in residence at ZK/U, as well as other local artists in Berlin, to collaboratively explore the spatial, social, and political implications of making art in a postindustrial landscape, and how creative and spatial interventions come to bear on the future of these landscapes and the production of postindustrial culture. Shauna’s residency is supported in part by the Goethe-Institute, Montreal.