Dust Devil - Özlem Alkis

Özlem Alkis ( Turkey )

Dust Devil is a type of a light whirlwind. It is a physical phenoma. It is an image. It is an impression. It is believed that it is a spirit. It is dust and the devil at the same time. It is a motif for movement and sound study. It is a visual and an aural landscape. Concept, Project Direction, Choreography: Özlem Alkisin Collaboration with(dancers): Jennifer Döring, Susanne Schneider, Karoline Strys Musical Concept/Musical Direction: Rafael Nassif Mentor: Katarina Kleinschmid Costum: Susanne Schneider Thanks to TanzFaktur - rehearsal space Supported by Akademie der Künste in the frame of Junge Akademie and Sprungbrett-Tanz NRW'15.

This residency is made possible thanks to the partnership with Akademie der Künste