Projects at ZK/U - Gen Sasaki

Gen Sasaki ( Japan )

Project 1: HOTEL ASIA

"HOTEL ASIA" is a continuing project in collaboration with an artist, Keiichi Miyagawa, since 2010. The project deals various issues in the world we live, global firms, luxury resort tourism, theme parks, advertising slogans, urban development, economic disparity, immigrants and refugees, for example. Our attempt is to translate or transcode any information, images, movies or text of those issues, from one format to another and create new pathways between multiple types of communication.

Project 2: E87

"E87" is web and free magazine project in collaboration with an artist, Hisao Sotoda. 

Sources; images, movies, sound and text taken from movies, websites, advertising leaflets and those found in our daily life.

Those sources will be collected, mixed and cut up. The project is not for presenting a solid concept but for giving a landscape of mass information.

Project 3: ELSEWHERE

"ELSEWHERE" is a project capturing scenes of city that can be seen anywhere in the world.

Works produced in ZK/U residency program will be a part of those project.