Textures for Wasteland / A Roof Above Your Head - Alexandre Baldrei

(c) Alexandre Baldrei

Alexandre Baldrei ( France )

"Textures for Wasteland" is the name of the project that Alexandre Baldrei wants to carry out at ZK/U in Berlin. For many years, Berlin has struck him with its number of wastelands, these unbuilt spaces, without visible consolidation, which emerge through the void, these extended planes with uncertain edges, masking inapparent layers. This project will focus on this kind of space without memory, this spatial negative of the city's history. With “Textures for Wasteland” several textures will be created on different supports which will be deployed in the interior and exterior space of the ZK/U. “Texture for Wasteland” will take shape as an archipelago of interventions at different scales, which will locally question the void, with just the right amount of material and memory.

(c) Alexandre Baldrei, 2023
(c) Alexandre Baldrei, 2023
(c) Alexandre Baldrei, 2020

The "A Roof Above Your Head" residency at ZK/U is realised and funded by La Mire (lamire.org).