Studio view OPENHAUS (c) Philipp Froehlich, 2022

Anne Houel ( France )

For the second phase of her residency, Anne Houel is pursuing her research into «trümmerberg», and wants to conduct sculptural experiments that put into perspective the various data gleaned from her site visits, 12 ruins mountains in Berlin, last year in july .

Following a workshop on rammed earth construction between 2022 and 2023, she will try to use her experience to create evolving volumes combining recycled materials and concrete.

She also aspires to create models of the summits of the «trümmerberg» , based on 3D topographical representations and drawings taken from plans showing the access roads to these summits.

In parallel with her research on the trümmerberge, Anne Houel is continuing her work on the individual bunkers known as «Tobruk». Her intention is to produce a corpus of watercolors depicting interior views of the molds used to cast her monolithic concrete sculptures. These now-defunct design tools were made from skin-toned extruded polystyrene in 1/10th scale. For his watercolors, the spaces will be re-expanded to the original scale.


Mountain tops of ruins sketches (c) Anne Houel, 2023
Workshop rammed earth (c) Anne Houel, 2022
Workshop rammed earth (c) Anne Houel, 2022
Golden room (c) Anthony Girardi, 2021
Golden room (c) Anthony Girardi, 2021
L'usage des ruines - Solo show (c) Anne Houel, 2021
Interior space of a mold (c) Anne Houel, 2022

This residency is realised in cooperation with the international artist-in-residence program "A Roof Above Your Head 2023" by La Mire (lamire.org).