Openhaus, studio view © Philipp Fröhlich, 2022

Anne Houel ( France )

During her residency, Anne Houel explored the mountains of ruins in Berlin called «Trümmerberge». These artificial eminences were built after the Second World War in the city to evacuate the remains of the demolitions.

Her research focused on 12 mountains of the 80 existing sites in the city: Teufelsberg 120 m, Drachenberg 99 m, Prenzlauerberg 99 m, Dörferblick 86 m, Humbolthain höhe 85 m, Biesdörfer höhe 82 m, Friedrichshain 78 m, Insulaner 75 m, Marienhöhe 73 m, Rudowerhöhe 70 m, Volkspark Hasenheide (Rixdorfer höhe) 68 m, Fritz Schloss Park 53 m.

Through different practices such as physically exploring the sites, photographic investigations and collections of architectural fragments, botanical harvests for the creation of ruins ‘s herbariums, she discovered the locations of these artificial eminences in relation to the geological and political history of the city and observed the traces of their evolution over time since the origin of their creation.

She brought these first sensitive experiences back to her studio in France to return during a second
phase of residency planned for August-September 2023 to come up with creative forms.

Openhaus, studio view © Philipp Fröhlich, 2022
Openhaus, studio view © Philipp Fröhlich, 2022
Openhaus, studio view © La Mire, 2022
Marienhöhe, access road © Anne Houel, 2022
Marienhöhe, vegetated artificial mountain © Anne Houel, 2022
Teufelsberg fragment © Anne Houel, 2022
Teufelsberg, trümmerberg process 1950 - 1972 © Teufelsberg Museum, 2022
Prenzlauerberg, view of the top © Anne Houel, 2022
Friedrichshain, bunkerberg, view of the top © Anne Houel, 2022

This residency is realised in cooperation with La Mire