Outside In / Downside Up - Emily Thomas

‘Hufeisen’ (c) Emily Thomas, 2019

Emily Thomas ( United Kingdom )

During her residency at ZK/U, Emily will focus on the following objectives:

1. Explore gentrification and Berlin’s current housing dilemmas with affected urban communities and find innovative solutions. 

2. Study six Berlin Modernism UNESCO Housing Estates (Hufeisensiedlung, Gartenstadt Falkenberg, Schillerpark-Siedlung, Wohnstadt Carl Legien, Weiße Stadt & Großsiedlung Siemensstadt) to discover whether similar designs could be used to improve contemporary housing.

3. Use large-scale sculpture and interactive installation to present her findings and make them accessible to all. To create the most impact and further develop her practice, Emily will explore new materials & techniques.


Shapeshifter’, Solo exhibition at Soulangh Cultural Park (c) Emily Thomas, 2019
They Nailed the Colours to the Mast (c) Rich Matheson, 2019
Yellow River (c) Rich Matheson, 2019
From Pillar to Post (c) Emily Thomas, 2019
Everything in the Garden is Rosey (c) Emily Thomas, 2019
Walden 8 (c) Emily Thomas, 2021
La antigua sala de máquinas del ascensor (c) Pep Bosch, 2021

This project is funded by the Stiftung Kunstfonds through their NEUSTART KULTUR-Stipendien.