Intersectional AI Toolkit - Sarah Ciston

Intersectional AI Toolkit Workshop, 2022 by Sarah Ciston (c) Philipp Frölich, 2022

Sarah Ciston ( United States )

During their residency at ZK/U, Sarah extended their work on the Intersectional AI Toolkit, building on established but marginalized tactics to reshape and reimagine more ethical and equitable zine-making workshops and collaborations into printed and interactive publications. They also developed prototypes for anarchist AI²tangible, accessible tools that expose their own making and reveal their flaws. Together these tools and resources ask: Whose voices, visions, and  stories are captured by automated systems? Whose are excluded, harmed, or undermined? And  how can AI systems truly be for anyone to engage and intervene in?

This residency is funded in collaboration with Junge Akademie der Künste Berlin under the program “AI Anarchies”.