"Black gaze – Black Bodies” - Redifining Blackness through the prism of hip hop culture - Essé Dabla-Attikpo

Essé Dabla-Attikpo

​​Essé's project aims at studying and debunking harmful representations of Black individuals, starting with the figure of the Black hip-hop artist. Through research, supported by commissioned visuals, she intends to create an unbiased, unpopular and non-linear narrative that shall re-invent, restore and celebrate Blackness. Hip hop culture is said to have first appeared in 1970’s and after 50 years of existence, the main actors of the culture: black individuals, are still reduced to an erroneous image. They are often portrayed as materialistic, misogynistic, simplistic individuals. This is far from reality. Recent events have allowed to touch on a few taboo topics such as Blackness, Black Masculinity, The Fear of the Black Man but also Black people’s mental health, Black people’s vulnerability. Essé wishes to explore all these concepts through the prism of hip-hop culture and wants to inscribe her project in this globalized movement and she hopes to contribute to a deeper change.

All images (c) Dabla, 2019