Bauen, right to the city - Diana Righini

"Tempelhof"; (c) Diana Righini, 2018

Diana Righini

After ten years of research on the evolution of public space, Diana Righini is planning the photographic installation The Right to the City as a collection of clues revealing the changes that Berlin has recently witnessed. In particular, the installation will collect signs of real estate speculation and the changes induced by private actors on the city's wastelands, places of all possibilities. In the context of her residency at the Center for Art and Urbanism in Berlin (ZK/U), the artist wishes to synthesize various types of images and angles of view on the German capital in the form of a pyramidal structure, inspired by abandoned objects and architectures seen in the city's construction sites, which she explores and observes with a camera in hand: monuments, buildings, facades, public squares, demonstrations... The challenge: to propose a participative installation allowing the spectators to manipulate these photos and to materialize their own vision of the city.

"Have you ever squatted an airport demo"; (c) Diana Righini, Berlin 2009
"From Palast to Schloss" Postcard, Video installation, 2006-2019; (c) Diana Righini
"DJENGA HOUSE PANNIERSTRASSE", Installation, Berlin (c) Diana Righini, 2009
"Soigner Valter – Sarajevo", video - public space intervention; (c) Diana Righini, 2013
"ALL BALCONIES HAVE MESSAGES"; (c) Diana Righini, 2015
"PARADES", mixed media installation; (c) Diana Righini, 2015
"Drapeaux de dissidences" – Series of 5 Flags for resistance, polyester; (c) Diana Righini, 2015
"Odds and ends", video installation; (c) Diana Righini, 2014
(c) Diana Righini, 2014