Communities of Choreography - Mike Mavura

Mike Mavura ( South Africa )

The project reads from the archives of the extra- ordinary life of ‘Gogo Zaire: Flame Lily’ and her ‘claiming place’ practice in the theatre of 1970’s and 1980’s Zimbabwe/Southern Africa through use of the body as a mobile site of agency, resistance, negotiation, evasion and transformation. Centering Gogo Zaire as a rhizome, the project uses mobility as a search engine for participatory and collaborative creative emancipatory acts and enactments-Decolonial Situations-in an attempt to extend social and political imagination, possibility and belonging. Decolonial situations are proposed as open-ended artistic registers that act as acupuncture points for catharsis, circulation and for the movement of ideas, aesthetics, sounds, bodies and knowledge. The project explores entities such as migrant church choirs as part of an array of decolonial urban practice strategies in exploring the right to the city. The constitutive creative acts are multi-sensory and might manifest in an exhibition amongst other possibilities.