The Concept of the Megastructure - Kristine Hymøller

Kristine Hymøller ( Denmark )

Berlin is like other large capitals in Europe undergoing a significant change, constantly renewing, mostly with regard to contemporary conditions. 

Hymøller’s investigation draws parallels between cosmetic industry's continuous and urban renewal projects. Reflecting upon the way in which makeup is used to create a persona, the expansion of homogeneous mass-produced buildings, the enhancement of cities and the palette of the self. 

@Zku Hymøller will research the visual and social ideology that embraces urban renewal projects in Berlin. Looking through different stages of remodeling in residential areas and by exploring a new type of architecture that seems to expand throughout Europe.

On specific locations in the city she will address those subjects by filming stages of remodeling, such as workers in construction and different types of facades for bulding -, and by creating architectural scale models and Lito prints, working with eye shadow palettes imprints on paper and reliefs in concrete. 

(c) Kristine Hymøller, "A Tribute To The Time Between"
(c) Kristine Hymøller, "Template For The Concept of The Megastructure"