Anthroposonic - Despina Charitonidi

Despina Charitonidi ( Greece )

Humans have radically transformed more than just the surface of the earth. The urbanisation of marine environments has become a great issue the more time passes. As above so bellow, the same situation continues to grow. Despina Charitonidiy's plan in "Anthroposonicis" is to contact a group of athletes, synchronised swimmers and dancers. Through a choreography, she will try to depict the unseen processes and effects that has radically transformed and worsen the oceans.

The performers will interact with the urban surroundings (street, bridges, sidewalk) and will be expected to make elaborate moves, through an unnatural choreography. In the dry urban environment, they will look tottaly out of place, like fish on dry land. With gestures, patterns and rhythms, they will create a physical vocabulary of suffocation, disorientation and despair, an allegory of marine emotions.