ATRII / Berlin - The city, the island - Alice Pedroletti

ZKU for Open Haus (c) Alice Pedroletti, 2021

Alice Pedroletti ( Italy )

In ATRII / Berlin the city, the island Alice Pedroletti approaches the relationship between the urban and natural island by developing her personal and collective research analysing the neighbourhood of ZK/U.

As Alice states, ZK/U is located in the Moabit district, historically considered an island, since waterways surround it. For her, the residency is a unique place, a possible free zone where art can experiment and create hypothetical solutions for the future. Ideally protected but critically excluded from the water itself, it is a place of exchange and relations, a passageway for artists and researchers. Alice sees ZK/U as a utopian atrium of Berlin.This imaginative, territorial and political condition pushes her to imagine artworks and projects beyond architecture for specific territorial or emotional needs.

Alice has been investigating several thematics parts of her practice and ongoing long research: islands, boats, archives, cartography, architecture, writing. Her work has been presented at ZK/U in different modalities, such as installation, performance and AI - in collaboration with artist Isaac Schaal - and completed with a limited edition book published by ZK/U Press. 

The Zine project - titled The city, the island. ATRII / Berlin -, designed working with graphic designer Ilaria Pittassi, is a new analysis of an experimental project promoted by ZK/U named self-archiving publication. It is divided into multiple parts and written in English, Italian, and German - the three languages used during the research. With texts, emails, drawings, archive images, and a glossary, it preempts to publish a more extensive written work by the artist. This publication is a collection of contents and hints: from the graphic design to sculpture, editorial projects to the database and platform www.archives.berlin - hosting all the images and texts the research is made of. 

It’s the result of an archipelago of people connecting with each other and trying to recreate a form of interactivity that has long hindered this period of social distancing. Among them: curator Alessandra Saviotti and sociologist and ‘local guide’ Leo Fenster.

Project supported by the Italian Council (9th Edition, 2020), program to promote Italian contemporary art in the world by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture.  Cultural partners: Untitled Association, ATRII Cultural Association, Cittadella degli Archivi (Milan City Archive), Albumarte.


(c) Alice Pedroletti, 2021
ZK/U press (c) Alice Pedroletti, 2022
(c) Stefano Comensoli, 2021
(c) Alice Pedroletti and Leo Fenster, 2021
(c) ATRII Collective, 2021