Project at ZK/U - Graham Smith

"Helix" Exhibition, 2020 © Graham Smith

Graham Smith ( Canada )

At ZK/U, Graham Smith will be developing a new robotic artwork called “Helix” that continues his exploration of the relationship between environmental and historical perception. For his project, Graham will be utilizing original panoramic imagery shot in 1985 in Toronto, that he took with a multi-camera 16mm film system of his own invention. This footage will be digitized and combined with new and archival imagery of the same location throughout a variety of time periods and a new robotic playback system that mimics the form and motion of the original machine. “Helix” will be produced and exhibited at the media space V2 in Rotterdam in 2021 in a project funded by the Canada Council of the Arts.


Concurrently, he is also developing a series of prototypes for his PhD research at University College Dublin called “MET” (Multimodal Environmental Telepresence) that seeks to explore and extend the boundaries of remote meetings through a series of haptic “tactile” interfaces. “MET” spaces are linked telecommunication rooms that use numerous, combined interactive display technologies simultaneously to project a realistic sensation of human presence and immerse people within the connected environments to overcome the current limitations of videoconferencing. 

"Helix" Drawing, 2020 © Graham Smith
Helix, 2020 © Graham Smith