Deviations - Isabella Nardon

Cardinali © Isabella Nardon

Isabella Nardon ( Italy )

You are walking down the road and stumble because of a root that is breaking the asphalt: boom! you are immediately dragged out of your thoughts and you find yourself back into the same place .She would like to think of these kind of situations as ‘deviations’ as they unexpectedly mutate the flux of out thinking. 
It´s part of her practice to intervene in urban space by placing ‘annotations’ which in some way can provoke a shift or a reflection by asking questions or playing around with the ordinary.We are used to go through so many spaces, physical and virtual, that in some way, it may seem strange to us thinking about the soil our feet are touching; stumbling brings us back to that feeling. This kind of experience helps her thinking of her body as a part of a bigger system: Who am I in my different surroundings/ in different spaces? "Where are my feet standing? What is my neighborhood and what is it telling me? Where does the sun rise and which part of the soil is it warming up?".

She wants to play within the space and the neighborhood in which ZK/U is located as it represents a very suitable place to continue this research for her.

During the party © Isabella Nardon
Elettromotograma © Isabella Nardon
Loading © Isabella Nardon