The Artistic Potential of Rush Hours - Willem de Haan

Emergency Exit, 2020 © Willem De Haan

Willem de Haan ( Netherlands )

During his stay at the ZK/U Willem De Haan researched various elements related to Berlin's many rush hours. With decreasing numbers in daily commuting, other rush hours became more clear. Shops, restaurants and biergartens closing due to COVID-19, caused the banks of the Spree to be full of pedestrians during any sunny moment. Peaks of seemingly sudden activity haven't disappeared with the come of the virus. How to use these peaks of activity to your advantage as an artist?

Throughout his residency he got in touch with a couple of different subjects that he found typical about Berlin daily life. These subjects were all closely related to commuting, transport, work or leisure. He looked into the direct communication methods of car scrappers, compared the unrealistic depiction of distances on Berlin's metro map to concrete traveling times and suggested a way out of daily life.

Emergency Exit, 2020 © Willem De Haan
Emergency Exit, 2020 © Willem De Haan

Art Export

Finding car dealer cards is a regular occasion in Berlin and Germany in general. Does the concept translate to the art world? 

For more information about the project, check out www.willemdehaan.be or email woadehaan(at)gmail.com.

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