Project at ZK/U - Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu

Complete Incomplete // Photo by Gülbin Eris

Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu ( Turkey )

During the residency time in Berlin, Leman S. Darıcıoğlu will focus on the topics of queer vulnerability and the ways of queer people's holding on to life. Starting by interviewing with queer people living in Berlin who passed through a traumatic life threat experience, Darıcıoğlu aims to bring to light queer people's stories. The interviews will be center around the questions such are how queer people have survived, how they have built theirselves and their lives after life-threatening experiences. A website publishing these stories and a series of long-durational performances will be created by the artist as the output of the project. 

The stipend of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe is made possible in the frame of a cooperation between the neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst (nGbK) and the ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik in Berlin as well as DEPO in Istanbul.


Empoisened Princess // Photo by Merve Bektas
Looking after a rose II // Photo by Gülbin Eris
Who has come who has gone // Photo by Levent Bas