Eden Hotel & Sketches for Gardening - Milena Bonilla

Sketches for Gardening ©Photo Nabil Sami, 2020.

Milena Bonilla ( Colombia )

The project that Milena Bonilla intends to develop is an iteration of a wider process in connection with Rosa Luxemburg’s legacy. During the period in Berlin, her intention is to tap into the process that leads to her dead and to, with the help forensic research done around her case, expand different associations and metaphors that she has been working on and that are connected with Luxemburg’s poetical approach to nature. Another part of the project contemplates to work with 30 species of plants that were collected by Rosa Luxemburg during her years in prison and whose particularities rely on their medicinal capacities in connection with mental health.

Sketches for Gardening is as its name indicates, an exercise on rewiring the interpretation that normally we have of different species of plants which is based mainly in the utilitarian meaning they normally have for us, namely for landscaping, medicine, nourishment, furniture making etc. A proposal of exploring certain hidden powers of the plants and bringing them to the front place them under different lens.

The Accumulation of Capital (riddled), book, shattered paper, vinyl. © Milena Bonilla, 2019
Seed will sprout a flower that does not whiter, neither can be put on trial, inkjet prints. © Milena Bonilla, 2019
Sketches for Gardening ©Photo Nabil Sami, 2020.

This residency is made possible with kind support by the Mondriaan Fonds.