(Non)Sleep as Social Practice - Anabelle Lacroix

(Non)Sleep as Social Practice workshop, ZK/U, 13 February 2020. Photo: David Clark.

Anabelle Lacroix ( France )

At ZK/U, Anabelle Lacroix will be researching a project that investigates the politics of sleep and sleeplessness. Focused on the desynchronization of the body with society—and perhaps with an accelerationist view point—the central aspect of the project is to flip the subject of insomnia around, to turn it into useful thinking and into listening. In our daily race against the clock, night-time can become free-time for critical thinking and for generating as many forms of counter cultures across genres and genders. Freedom of Sleep seeks to illuminate the ways in which we understand sleep, wakefulness, productivity and control in contemporary times to rethink the binaries of day and night, effectiveness and inertia. During her residency at ZK/U she was working on research to develop a curatorial project focused on the politics of sleeplessness, conducting studio visits, and workshops. She also produced an overnight radio program with Subtext, as a final project and audio journal (of sorts!).


(Non)Sleep as Social Practice Diagram. Credit Anabelle Lacroix.
(Non)Sleep as Social Practice workshop, ZK/U, 13 February 2020,
(Non)Sleep as Social Practice workshop, ZK/U, 13 February 2020, feat. Byungseo Yoo. Photo: David Clark.