Obituari Hasrat Konkret: Ode Untuk Kita (Obituary of Concrete Desire: Ode to Us) - Wildan Indra Sugara

Wildan Indra Sugara ( Indonesia )

We are now living in an era when the revolution of science and technology is at its optimal point. Still, as individuals or generally as a society, we can’t refuse that we constitute ‘consumer creatures.’ Simultaneously, as the speed of the technology’s development is increasing, people often leave things that they have already consumed as ‘obsolete objects.’ Thus, these objects are abandoned, piled up, and form our ‘carbon footprints.’ Accordingly, Wildan tries to respond to these conditions through interactively installed three-dimensional works comprising of groups of abandoned and obsolete objects. He further elaborates on the issue using some texts on concrete he creates: the invisible text appears when the audience sprays water on it. This work is a satire that responds to the actual conditions we ‘celebrate.’

This residency is part of 2019 Salihara’s Three Dimensional Work Competition that was held in July 2019, where Wildan Indra Sugara was the first winner.