Parallel World - Mu Tian

Mu Tian ( China )

In my residency in ZK/U, the first thing I have noticed is the blurred boundary
between private and public. To live in a building that located in a public park
means the residents will need to react on different behaviors and movements
from the park’s original use. I couldn’t stop to notice the architectural
infrastructures of the park, for instance, the revolving door that supposes to
only let people getting in, yet broken so everyone can get 24/7 access to the
park. The revolving door has turned into a dysfunctional symbol that only
represents limitation but actually provide full access, which I believe is one of
the examples of blurring boundaries between private and public. I have also
spent a lot of time to walk on streets in Berlin, while I got attracted by the
aesthetics of infrastructures on the road, especially the industrial elements
from architectures. So I have used some old the characters from my previous
work to create a series of images of city walker, in which the characters are
free to move in different parts of Berlin, to interrogate the definition of public
in urban spaces.