Scar tissue - Jonas Vansteenkiste

Jonas Vansteenkiste ( Belgium )

“Moments of Wishful Thinking” 
archival installation, 2019 
A scale model is used to give shape to buildings & places, the city, and rooms. They represent dreams and wishes, they are often utopian, but they are also objects of Power, control, and manipulation. This research focuses on the relationship between the architect and scale model and scans in an archiving manner. Looking for the intentions and relation between the object, idea, and creator. 

“Scar Tissue” 
research, drawings, and lead paint, 2019
The war changed the look and the feel of the city drastically. First of all, the city was bombed, leaving a random scar on the then-existing city. After the war, the wall divided the city into two parts and left in this way a new scar upon the town. These are the elements that the artist wants to research in Berlin. 

“Fractum Domum” 
Sculpture, site-specific installation, 2017-2019
 Fractum Domum uses architectural ornaments as a motive. The use of the typical 19th-century ornament is not a random one; it makes a reference to the use of floral motifs and makes the bridge to the content. The intervention will create the illusion that nature will claim the culture back. By putting this work in the public domain, it activates a more layered dialogue, a Palimpsest one.