Counterspace: Space Militarization - Fatma Hendawy

Fatma Hendawy ( Egypt )

After the expulsion of the British Monarchy and the nationalisation of Suez Canal in 1952, the Egyptian infrastructure was militarized and subjugated by the military state. 

Taking the spatial reformation of the security buildings in Alexandria, Egypt as an example, the curator's current research focus on the architectural and spatial transformation that occurred between 2011-2014 to the Security Directorate building in Alexandria. The conglomeration of social and political upheavals made it inevitable to articulate the new spatial subjugation that was implemented by the military governance. There is an intrinsic connection between urban space control and social behaviours. In this case study, the security directorate is implanted in the heart of a residential neighbourhood in Alexandria. 

How the military state in Egypt is demarcating the urban infrastructure and public space? How this reformation influenced social behaviours? How Architecture and Psychology could help us interpret the new modalities of Urban Sovereignty?