Sounding Sites - Julia Grybos and Barbora Zentková

Julia Grybos and Barbora Zentková

During the Residency period at ZK/U, Julia Grybos and Barbora Zentková will continue and develop their ongoing research, which has the purpose of bringing attention to the buildings which are abandoned, forgotten or those which have a "non-transparent future". The artists are mostly interested in those approaches that deal with the topology of a given place, their contexts and conditions. Their concern goes especially towards those activities, which are probing the relationship between sound, architecture, urbanism and visual works in specific political, cultural and social contexts. The unifying element of their works is a certain moment of collapse, decay, or destruction that affects the various socio-economic aspects of today's society.

By reclaiming urban “problematic” places in the city area, Julia Grybos and Barbora Zentková activity aim at marking their present significant role in daily lives. At ZK/U Residency, they are going to map, discover and get acquainted with the city of Berlin and work with its local cultural, artistic and urbanistic context.