Project at ZK/U - Mette Kit Jensen

Mette Kit Jensen ( Denmark )

Jensen's practice is divided into several tracks. The extremes are lonely meditative walks in urban space and dynamic social processes. The purpose is to establish analogous and physical relationships with public space.

During her stay at ZKU, Mette Kit Jensen had been writing on 2 performance scripts for public space in Copenhagen. One will be on a boat in Copenhagen habor and will be about the first time inhabitans in the little town Bleckede went with a ferry to the other side of the Elbe in 1989 after the reunion of Germany. The story is based on some interviews Mette Kit Jensen made 17 years ago. She went (back) to Bleckede and took some photos, she was buying sailor uniforms and she was visiting relevant museums. She also worked on a 1 1/2 hour performance for a locker room in a Footballclub in Copenhagen. The performances will be shown in May and beginning of June.