Future Institutions - Stefan Klein

Stefan Klein ( Germany )

In relation to the idea of the Commons and the external society, Stefan Klein would like to reflect upon and develop certain criteria and quality standards that are useful and necessary in the context of art institutions. Taking the circumstance into account that we are living in a globalized world and our actions have an impact on/in the rest of the world (especially looking at it in relation to the concept of the „externalization society“), the artist is interested in developing Quality Standards that can function as orientation guidelines for the actions of art institutions. These guidelines can be considered as a fluid model – both during the research process, but also in a constant discursive shift throughout practical implementation and re-evaluation. Since many global issues appear on a structural level and can not necessarily be solved on an individual level, looking at solution strategies on an organizational, structural and institutional layer can be a useful approach. To keep the research open and fluid from the beginning, meetings with various initiatives and experts from different fields will be held in a public session -- firstly, to create a network of shared interest and to reflect the theoretical base of the guidelines, and secondly, to look at possibilities how these guidelines can be further developed and implemented. Over time, each of these topics can be broken down into more specific and practical use while others can stay on the level of a theoretical idea. Making them function as an entanglement of theory and practice.