Baden Projekt Berlin - Ben Nathan, Matthew Robinson

Ben Nathan ( United Kingdom ), Matthew Robinson ( United Kingdom )

Established in October 2017 Baden Projekt Berlin explores the daily ritual of open water swimming in Berlin. It is an ongoing project that experiments with different media and subject matter. Sometimes the artists appear, captured in drone footage documenting the industrial landscape of the Western Harbour of Berlin and Plötzensee Lake. Interactive video installations are produced where participants are able to immerse themselves into an ice bath to experience ICE BADEN. Multi channel video installations project moving images onto industrial objects, water and other surfaces. Interactive sound installations ​recreate the ambient noises of the environment in and around the lakes. In the last show at ZK/U the camera is turned towards three notorious all year swimmers of Flughafensee. Through this work the audience will experience the ‘must-do’ activity of the locals. The exhibition aims to document this experience as well as the sub zero landscape and surreal sounds echoed across the lake during the deep freeze of Berlin. The works beg the question ‘Why do these people swim?’ Through this project the question is discussed. 




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