Affective visuals in online spaces: A study of social movements in a digital era - Ragip Zik

Ragip Zik

This project is part of a larger research study with a working title "Affective Visuals in Online Spaces", which stems from an understanding of social media, and digital platforms, as spaces of everyday political contention and domination. It aims at exploring and analysing the role and function of images on digital platforms within the context of political struggle, by focusing on concepts of communication, collective identity, and temporality. Two major events in Turkey's recent political and social history, Gezi Protest Movement of 2013 and Anti-Coup Resistance of 2016 are selected as case stories. The ZK/U residency period offered a chance to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the popular images of political struggle, as well as conceptualizing several interactive activities such as a participatory mini exhibit, a multi-player board game, and a visual story-telling workshop.