Artist Dis-Placement at German Red Cross (Berlin) - Jan van Esch

Jan van Esch ( Netherlands )

Jan van Esch was placed at the German Red Cross Berlin (DRK), as he was interested in an organisation that combined some of his past experiences in the social antropological and health sphere, to combine with his art practise. His initial focus of reserach was the diminishing interest of young people to work in more established volunteering structures,  but gradually the focus shifted to the recycling practices of old clothes donated to the Red Cross. He collaborated with various artists which resulted in several ZK/U open houses presentations, 2 exhibitions at the Red Cross shop in Charlottenburg, a performance and installation with Ethiopian artists Ephrem Solomon, shown in Dar es Salaam in 2018, and he finalized his residency after 13 months with a twenty-four hour installation performance 'Waschmaschine'  at Art Week Berlin 2017