Work as Invention. Art for Social Change

Streaming of a conference by the Goethe Institute Thessaloniki at ZK/U

The Goethe Institute Thessaloniki, one of our Artecitya Program partners, is organizing the conference Work as Invention. Art for Social Change, which will present case studies and scholarly debates that discuss novel approaches towards work and socially engaged art practices. The aim is to show the mutual dependence of work and art in envisioning the future of an upcoming society, via a productive exchange between the fields of art, education, creative industries, technology, politics, economy and research-based knowledge. Distinguished contributors from these fields, both academics and practitioners, will offer their proposals and insights on building alternative models of urban creativity, social entrepreneurship, resilient economies and civic participation, that can shape the future of work.

A unique trait is the conference format. Directed as a creative laboratory, the conference will pay particular attention to audience interaction, and at the same time function as case-study / best-practice model relevant to the the topic at hand. Public around the world will be able to follow the conference live online and join the discussion.  International institutions are invited to host the live broadcast of the event and/or organize parallel discussions.

The stream will be set up in the conference room of ZK/U. We welcome you all to join the discussion.

Bring pen and paper to gather your input. Your friends are invited!