Rehearsing Moves on Hazy Paths #1

(c) Fertig Design, 2023

02 August

ZK/U BerlinSiemensstr. 27, 10551, Berlin, Germany

18:00 - Elis Ottosson: Post-St(r)ing - nettle weavings & conversations, workshop 
19:30 - Jasmine Parsley with Catherine Greiner  - dinner with plant flavours of Berlin
20:15 - Brenda Alamilla - Hierba Mala - Performance poetry
20:30 - Daniela Medina Poch: If You Listen to Nettles, They Won’t Sting You - reflection on untamed listening 
21:00 - Tatiana Heumann - Interwoven Listening - deep listening rehearsal

branching off into rehearsals with the stinging nettle 

We encounter the stinging nettle as a familiar yet curious companion for the first evening in the series, with which to think and from where to branch off towards different practices and considerations. We start with a nettle weaving workshop, spending attention with nettles growing around ZK/U, engaging in a multisensory dialogue, with Elis Ottosson. With the dinner by Jasmine Parsley we further explore interspecies relationships with plants growing self-seeded in Berlin. Brenda Alamilla and Daniela Medina Poch think with the nettle and other so-called weeds to perceive them beyond binary structures like the civilized and the wild, the planned and the spontaneous or unwanted towards an untamed listening. Which leads us to a collective deep listening practice with Tatiana Heumann, rehearsing multiple layered sensing and being open for what we may find together. 

Please register for the workshop with Elis Ottosson here, so that we can plan with an approximate number of people: rehearsingmoves(at)proton.me 

Free entry.

Curated and hosted by Philipp Goll, Brenda Alamilla and Andrea Goetzke


Elis Ottosson: Post-St(r)ing

Post-st(r)ing invites you to spend time and attention together with the common curb friend, the inhabitant and realiser of the heavy green and icy burns, the Stinging Nettle. During this workshop we will engage in multisensory dialogue and tactile methods of processing, arriving at a result entwined upon itself.

Elis Ottosson is a craft practitioner and fiber artist from Gothenburg, Sweden. Their work evolves around craft-based technology and prehistoric tool making, by material explorations through local plant material. They have taught basketry in Sweden and Germany and are currently engaged in ongoing research exploring the themes of weeds and invasive pieces. 


Brenda Alamilla: Hierba Mala

Hierba Mala - What do a migrant mother and the weeds that grow in the middle of the urban concrete have in common? The poem Hierba Mala is part of Brenda Alamilla's most recent work. The text creates images from a hybrid dialogue between her and a plant. The oral narrative reproduces and creates intimate and multi-sensorial imaginaries that interrelate experiences of motherhood, identity and belonging.

Brenda Alamilla is a mexican artist living and working in Berlin. She uses photography in combination with different media such as collage, video, poetry and performance in her artistic practice. Her work traces the impact of experiences in the body and unconscious. She addresses issues such as the omission of violence, identity and migration. Creating evidence by relating bodies, temporalities, contexts and histories. She is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig in the class of moving images with Prof. Tina Bara.


Daniela Medina Poch: If You Listen to Nettles, They Won’t Sting You

If You Listen to Nettles, They Won’t Sting You - Our notion of the tamed and untamed has been heavily influenced by the colonial duality of the civilized and the savage, a binary which sows a toxic correlation of frameworks that privilege certain worlds views – worldviews that maintain the hegemonic order, the standard, the social contract. How can we understand listening as an untamed practice? How to expand the notion of the undomesticated beyond the binary of civilized and savage through listening?  If You Listen to Nettles, They Won’t Sting You is a symbiotic conference originally conceived through listening to the many worlds of a nettle garden (2021 - 2023). 

Daniela Medina Poch - (she/her, Bogotá~Berlin) is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher. Medina Poch investigates how unofficial histories and interspecies entanglements contribute to the conception of ecocentric narratives, epistemic bridges that amplify non-hegemonic knowledge systems. 


Tatiana Heumann: Interwoven Listening 

Interwoven Listening - Come join a space where you can explore the in-between through meditative and contemplative listening practices. This rehearsal is about sensing the multiple layers of stillness and rest. The key is to remain curious and embrace the chance to share and discover together. Our primary inspiration will be composer Pauline Oliveros' Deep Listening® practice.

Tatiana Heuman moves between artistic research and electronic music production.  In 2014, Tatiana embarked on her solo electronic music project called 'Qeei’. Recently, she released 'Luminous,' her latest hybrid-club-sound work, through the label Infinite Machine. In her latest ongoing project ‘Siestaria’, she combines Deep Listening®, dream sharing, and somatic movement, shifting her focus toward fostering collaborative art practices that prioritize the creative process.



Jasmine Parsley with Catherine Greiner: 

In collaboration with artist and spatial practitioner Catherine Greiner, this dinner will focus on plants and “weeds” growing in interstitial spaces instead of domesticated, curated garden beds and learning the specific flavors of Berlin. It is an attempt to forge new relationships with spontaneous vegetation that foster growth and wellbeing of plants that are often overlooked, disregarded, or purposefully destroyed, and intimacy with the more-than-human.

Jasmine Parsley’s artistic practice involves understanding space through taste. Looking at vegetation as information can give us hints at soil composition, available nutrients, the presence of toxicities and heavy metals or lack thereof, surrounding activities, the presence of more than human co-inhabitants of the city etc.

The project is made possible through funding by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.