Public Spaces ReClaimed

25.04.2024 // 17:00 - 21:00

ZK/U BerlinSiemensstr. 27, 10551, Berlin, Germany

Join for the culminating event of Public Spaces ReClaimed, a project that intertwines art, architecture, and audience engagement to reimagine public spaces across the Western Balkans. Under the mentorship of Rimini Protokoll and support from Creative Europe, an international team, led by theatre director Attila Antal and architect Višnja Žugić, aimed on the artistic revitalisation of public spaces in three cities of the Western Balkans, Novi Sad (Serbia), Skopje (North Macedonia) and Tirana (Albania). The project engaged an international team of artists to research the problems of public spaces in these three cities, still in their phase of capitalistic transition, and to create site-specific, immersive performances that draw the attention of the audience to possible alternative ways of utilisation of these spaces. During the performances the audience participated in audio-visual immersive performances that took place in the streets, parks and squares of the three cities, guided by narrations and video interventions for a multi-layered theatrical experience.

In this closing event of Public Spaces ReClaimed, we invite the audience to participate in an immersive experience, Some Untold Stories, to learn about some of the unknown places and forgotten narratives of Moabit: 

* 17:00: "Some Untold Stories"—an immersive audio walk exploring Moabit's forgotten spaces.
* 18:30-19:30: "Three Cities ReClaimed"—a discussion with the artists, unveiling the narratives and processes behind the interventions in Novi Sad, Skopje, and Tirana.
* 19:30-21:00: An exhibition presenting the rich tapestry of stories and transformations achieved in each city through multimedia installations.

Due limited space, register before 24.04.2024 via [email protected].