OPENHAUS March 2022

(c) ZK/U Berlin, 2022


March 24, 2022 | 19:00

ZK/U BerlinSiemensstr. 27, 10551, Berlin, Germany

On March 24 from 7 p.m., ZK/U Berlin is inviting its residents to open the doors to their studios for OPENHAUS. Next to the artists’ presentations, drinks and a bonfire residents are raising donations to support pathways toward peace in Ukraine.

“How to share the world’s unfairly distributed resources in more equitable and positive ways? Trees don’t fall in forests with no one to hear them. The potential for imagining peaceful co-existence is stronger than enacting forms for destruction. Acknowledging conflicting perspectives and speaking through the discomfort of the unknown, the stains they leave on this earth expand and contract, but we can enter them, flatten them onto the page for discernment, and by untangling, reach for each other in the light. The historical twist is inherent to the construction. Is it possible to find a common feeling of home through a practice of care?

Saturation of the predictable leads us to where the semantics of loss is reconverted. We cannot stop striking our hands with the creative use of difference and playful action. Acknowledging our internalised bias, how it shapes who we are, unlearning and relearning, to celebrate our differences and ultimately see humanity in each and everyone. Cosmopolitanism has its advantages, at least it brings people together to solve global problems. Here we can refer to the widely popular slogan: "Think globally, act locally.”

A curatorial statement by the artists and researchers from the residency at ZK/U. 

Postcards created by the residents will be offered for donation in each studio during Openhaus. Money raised will be donated to the ZK/U relief fund.  


Ana Baumann / Laura Besançon / Essé Dabla-Attikpo / Kevin Gaynor / Dahhyun Im / KUNSTrePUBLIK & Jan van Esch / Lo Moran / Luamba Muinga / Ilana Salama Ortar & Zoya Sardashti / Luuk Smits /  Work Hard Play Hard Collective


In accordance with the Infection Protection Law, the event will take place under 3G regulation and FFP2 mask obligation.