OPENHAUS 21/01/2016

Food Sharing, Performances, Screenings and Artist Talks


The OPENHAUS is a regular public format that takes place every month in ZK/U, inviting audiences to connect with the hosted projects and to explore the process of its residency programme.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the artists in residency and to see what they are working on, explore ZK/U’s space and surroundings, ask questions, discuss and exchange ideas about ongoing projects and activities.

Participating Artists are: Choi Myung Hyun and Hyemin Park

This OPENHAUS is going to be part of the Vorspiel of Transmediale and CTM festival


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Choi Myung Hyun

Dance Performance


7pm > Dance Performance - with the collaboration of the choreographer and dancer Kim Dong UK.




It began with a journey that began with an act.

From the ripples that bear waves within us.

From the waves that bear the bodies we wear.

From the moments the body is born,

erected by movement bought,

crippled by thought,

awakened again,

again and again

shall this piece now tell.


Growing to long,

longing to grow,

our moving embarks on life.

Colliding - at times - gliding,

we find ourselves animals,

in close encounters,

shelter -- none.

Fighting our way out through emotional gum,

we reach a stage

- some day -

where the weight of all days

clears and makes way

for a glimpse of our TRUE self.


But for a standard size life

we lose

size and

shape and

blood and


for what it's worth --


What is it worth?


Hyemin Park


Food Sharing and Cooking Performance


6-8pm > Audiences should bring one food Ingredient that will be exchanged by an artist' drawing

8-10pm > Cooking and Food sharing


Let's eat together

Hyemin PARK presents an on-going project <Let's eat together>. In this project, the artist invites Openhaus visitors to bring any food ingredient and to take part in a 'trade off'.

The visitor is invited to exchange a food ingredient with Hyemin's drawing of it. When food ingredients are gathered, she invites people to share the food she cooks by using the exchanged food ingredients.