Open Studio

Youki Hirakawa / Alexandra Handal / Mark Dudiak / Andy Houston+Ilya Noé / Landon Mackenzie

Close Your Eyes - Youki Hirakawa

Close your eyes. open my studio.
Think the visibleness and invisibleness of the passed time.
The project working in progress


Alexandra Handal

In my work, I am continuously developing creative strategies to address the ongoing erasure of Palestinian cultural and social memory. My area of focus is West Jerusalem, where the Arab identity of the city is endangered by the Zionist agenda. Merging oral history fieldwork with findings acquired from present-day urban drifts, allows me to link dispersed knowledge and piece together through art, a vanishing world. Currently, I am experimenting with cartographic and storytelling approaches that can depict collective loss and a ruptured social fabric. These are based on the oral testimonies that were transmitted to me by Palestinian refugees and exiles from West Jerusalem.