Muhammad Salah - Homecoming

Instagram takeover on 8 May 2020


'Perhaps I was looking for something that refuses to be photographed. I was only chasing shadows, perhaps.'

'I embrace the apocalypse.I can easily blame my mother and father for my obsession with meaning and purpose.'

                                                                       Santu Mofokeng (1956 – 2020)

Homecoming is a safe space where I am still exploring ‘home’ as a philosophical, spiritual, emotional and a physical space. In 2013 I was sleeping one morning. It was the second day of Eid, my mother knocked loudly on my door screaming the house is about to collapse. I woke up in shock, ran outside to see the house , and saw neighbors whose houses had already collapsed. The stood on the fence of our house which was on higher ground. But the water was relentless and eventually reached our house. We left at the very last minute, my mother, sister, auntie and I. Ever since home has been a deep longing and a search of fulfillment.


(c) Muhammad Salah