MEETING IN THE PUBLIC SPACE: Challenges, intersections, dialogue

TOK Curator's Talk

Working in public space in Russia is for curators and artists both challenging and tricky but at the same time interesting because results can be absolutely unexpected.

At their presentation at ZK/U TOK curators will speak about their curatorial approach when it comes to work with public spaces and social sector in St Petersburg, Russia and will present on of their ongoing projects ‘Critical Mass’ that has been exploring urban issues and connecting artistic practice with social processes in the city for more than 6 years by now.

Creative Association of Curators TOK

TOK is curatorial collective based in St Petersburg and founded by Anna Bitkina and Maria Veits in 2010 as a platform for conducting interdisciplinary projects in the fields of contemporary art and design and social sciences. TOK’s projects have a strong social component and deal with current issues that are widely discussed both in Russia and internationally such as migration, public space and citizens, development of education, deprivation of social resources, forming collective memory, use of natural resources, growing role of the media in the global society, changing political climate and many others.