Layers Off

Photography Exhibition

Opening: Friday, July 22nd, 8pm

Opening Hours: Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of July, from 12 - 9pm.

We are pleased to invite you to explore the installation ‘Layers Off’ created and developed by Chilean Anthropologist José Pablo from Studio Area.

“You are not your name, body, thoughts or emotions - we are pure energy that lies in our core, covered by layers knitted by ourselves. Layers being the meaning we give to our religious beliefs or lack of them, political ideologies, sexual orientation, gender, social stratification and race. This is  the first of a series of exhibitions that attempt to visually peel them off, striving to recognize that pure, untainted nucleus in which we are all equal.” 

A team of nine photographers spread through Iraq, South Africa, India, Norway, Italy, China, Thailand, Chile, United States, Bolivia and Germany. Focusing on religious beliefs, each time two of them shot veneration expressions on a determined day at the same time. The pictures were given to the talented, New York city based, architect Yonathan Persovski in order to develop sculptured frames to elevate the concept of one moment in two places, unifying the photos in a unique way. 

The exhibition will be launched  on Friday July 22nd at 8pm, featuring an improvisation with two musicians and a DJ. 

For enquiries please contact dejosepablo(at)gmail.com / www.studioarea.org


Dipti Desai, Cristel Carrisi, Giovanni Melone, Graham Edmunds, Dax Luksic, Haakon Sand, Andrey Sand, José Pablo, Ahmad Mousa