Kitakyushu Biennial The FIFTH


For the screening at ZK/U Berlin, several new works will be presented by *CANDY FACTORY PROJECTS, collaborative projects developed with John Miller, Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries, Charles Lim, Federico Baronello, Mike Bode and Takuji Kogo. 

“American Sitcom“, text animations of V-loggers monologues about 'Joining the Air Force' 'My addiction to porn'

“Homes for America Sigonella“ about U.S. military base housing complex in Sicily where turned into refugee camp for Asylum seekers from Africa and middle east Asia

And a series of musical clips by “Robot“ a virtual band by John Miller and Takuji Kogo, which transform online personal advertisements into music.

*CANDY FACTORY PROJECTS is a platform for international collaborative art projects directed by the Japanese artist Takuji Kogo. It has been hosting the Kitakyushu Biennial developing its collaborative projects since 2007.

The Kitakyushu Biennial the FIFTH: http://artonline.jp/

Takuji Kogo, John Miller Open to All Ages and Ethnicities: http://www.nbk.org/