K67_Urban Router

24.05 Local Mapping and Kinoautomat - 28.05 Made in Omnitopia - 31.05 Urban Props_session 1

24.05 Local Mapping and Kinoautomat
14h-18h Orangotango Collective_session 2
20h30 Kinoautomat_#1  (after movie at ZKU) ?

28.05 Made in Omnitopia
20h Performance and discussion _Paula Marie Hildenbrandt and Atelier Obra Viva

31.05 Urban Props_session 1
Kiosk Prosthesis _by Miryana Todorova (ZKU artist in residence) 


K67_Urban Router is a mobile platform for urban investigations and actions, currently operating in the indeterminate space of Moabiter Stadtgarten by involving site-specific actors into collective cartographic experience together with international artists, urban researchers and citizens of Moabit.

In attempt to bridge the gap between publicly accessible Moabiter Stadtgarten and newly established cultural institution ZKU (built under different programs and spatial regimes) project K67_Urban Router has been established as communication interface, research node and in-situ archive.a

In the period May-Oct 2013, local deep-map will be developed, presenting users behaviour, social interactions and conflicts, archiving ephemeral interventions and (re)-communicating historical traces.